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Tech Update: Widgets (gizmos of webworld)

April 7, 2008

Hello Readers,

This post is continuation of Tech update post…Lets see about JSON..

JSON acronyms as Javascript object notation, which is a kind of standard format used to represent a object(some what a kind of xml format) with a standard format, but not approved by W3C. Yet another revolutionary standard format for communicating objects.


Bascially Widgets are small and tiny applications that resides on desktop of the computer and caters useful information and communication. For example Web clock is widget(that contains world time, an alarm), another one is weather broadcast widget that shows current weather outside and predicts next 5 days weather(one of most downloaded widget ever in yahoo). I used to this widget a lot..In US weather is most unpredictable and uncertain, before going outside I visit this widget all times.

Now we are entering into the web gizmos world. They looks so bubbly and cute and usefull..I am using Yahoo widgets since last one year…they are awesome..Have a look at couple of these


Widgets are ranges from sort of applications like Stock update, Calendar, Todays moon size, weather update and many more..Now a days web trends are tending towards widgets world…Yahoo is desktop based which has to be installed… Will discuss more widgets soon…

I Wish you all a very happy and grand new year ahead(Today is Telugu new year UGADI).