Tech update: RSS, Json, widgets..

March 30, 2008

Today I would like to update you on couple of typical Web 2.0 terminologies..Let have a brief look into these.

RSSRSS feeds

I believe many of you are already aware of this RSS, which stands for Really simple syndication. Basically RSS is kind of XML format that used to read the latest or updated information from the sources. Information could be any source like news website, blog , any website which updates the information.

How it is useful for us?

Lets take a scenario, you likes a couple of news website on a topic like sports or music of particular artist. So every time we dont need to visit the website for a particular column and check for any new articles are music published. Just subscribe to the RSS feed(there are tools that allows RSS feed, dont worry I will update you in my next post) at one place and refresh it. If any new information published on the same then news will be on your RSS tool in one single click..

The same rule applies for blogs too..many blogs enables the RSS feed on thier site..just subscribe them(I havent done yet but sure will enable it).

Now a days almost all news websites are supporting RSS feeds on their news so keep subscribing…

Ex: Rediff’s RSS feed:

RSS reader RSS Reader..

There are so many RSS readers are available in the web world(I don’t say Market) Google Reader and other third party reader also available. Basically they are categorized as browser based and desktop based. Google reader is browser based and RSS Bandit is desktop based application used to read RSS, developed in .net framework.

These days technology is evolving, new bread of web gizmo’s are getting ready into the web world called as widgets…Will update on the same in next post…

Stay connected..Good day.


Web tools: Applications on web 2

March 29, 2008

Its weekend readers!! but I may need to spend some time for my project..

Well…recently I saw a interview of ZOHO founders Sridhar vembu and Raju vegesna, quite impressive and inspiring for people like me (tech start up aspirant). Some time a thought always itching in my mind that why indian tech gaint always goes for services for other companies rather going for their own products(I can understand initially they need stick to stand but now they are billion dollar companies and they can afford in research). In my opinion only product companies can sustain unlimited growth where services companies has limitation.

However quite inspiring from new bread of Indian entrepreneur(they going to stay in market in long term…I m sure).

Lets come back to our main topic…This week, lets look at couple of good tools that provides free service…


Many of the times I was wondering like why dont we have a tool that we can create or edit PDF files like MSWORD or EXCEL. Still we dont have proper PDF creators(though couple of PDF makers available but needs ghostscripts or unknown weird driver install) that we cannt rely up on. Here is the solution, online pdf maker which will convert any format file(visually recognized format like .doc,.jpg,.html..) to PDF with no hassle installing and instantly downloads the converted file and its for free no shareware,keyzens..:-).

Another excellent feature of PDF is “Web2PDF online widget”. Now a days we are floating on Widgets web world(will discuss you in a separate post), PDF Widget is so cool feature that we can embed a snippet of code in our web site and that would convert into a downloadable pdf file.

I tried to publish the widget in this post, but wordpress doesnt allow me to keep javascript on blogs. Try out from the site…its a good feature.


Flash based online photo editing tool, so far there are so many tools available online for photo editing but picnic has vast integration with lot photo store websites like Flickr, Picassa, facebook and few more. Significant features of picnik are User Interface which is easy to understand and easy to use, quick uploads (wooh!! very quick…I dont know what kind of algorithms they are using..=:]) and integration with other photo services (almost nearly web3.0 services).

Also predefined templates for photo editing available like Black&white, sepia, tint and need to be a photoshop expert to use these feature..every thing so cool except advance option which need to get upgrade but if you are into photoshop designing and editing wouldnt be expensive.

Hope you all have Happy weekend and stay connected for more & more cool stuff…

Web tools: Applications on Web

March 23, 2008

Good morning my dear reader,

After a hectic week, I came back to my blog station. This week I would like present couple of web tools(Are going to be future application) that are best and useful in our daily life. I am sure you likes it….



Another good tool which is online version of microsoft office and it has MSWORD, EXCEL, POWER POINT and few other apps(not belongs to MSOFFICE). We can do almost operations that can be done on msoffice with no hassle of purchasing and installing software. Another good thing is it supports all versions of MSOFFICE documents, no upgrade no downgrades are required. No need to carry jump drive to save document just make sure internet connection is available at home or office. When you login from office or home ,anywhere feel like logged into your desktop with your files(Actually that the power of internet not ZOHO). However ZOHO is encashing it and providing better service for us so why dont we utilize it…:-).

Another inspiring thing is this has been developed in INDIA solely(complete development team is in India) and thats proud for us and inspiring as well.

Yet another online version of MSOFFICE clone, Gliffy is a kind of add on for zoho.

ZOHO has many products but they missed MS VISIO online version, here Gliffy fulfilled the stuff. It has all similar services that ZOHO provides but Gliffy has more flexibility than visio, search images from searchengines easy to embed in document. Save document online and I felt is more powerful version than current visio and may overcome it after some time.

My prediction is the whole Internet and WEB2.0 and Web3.0(yet to come, but has little definition which integrate all relavent web2.0 applications) are going to rule the online consumers in anther 2-3 years(probably 2010). People will have internet as Electrical power supply(without internet difficult to manage at least a hour). Lets see how it goes….

Hope next weekend going to be terrible for me, as I am in production support now at onsite.

Have Great Weekend Ahead!!


My First blog in WordPress

March 16, 2008

This is my first blog!! excited to share my thoughts, I Dont want to irritate people by saying about my self(I like books) blah blah.. I just want share my thoughts about WEB 2.0. Since last year and half I am thinking about creating a blog on the same but today i kicked it off. This blogs focus would be on WEB 2.0 and upcomming technologies.

In my journey of internet surfing life, found couple of website more useful and quite good at providing services to consumers. I was following so many web site start ups but felt very good about few site.

Some of them….


Many of you already aware of this web site which has integration with google maps and a fantastic idea to implement. I am not good and poor at geography and was thinking about some thing which gives more details information about some city by simply search couple of land marks. Now can achieved through this site (even you can find all of your friends house just by getting couple of land marks).


Another consumer service oriented and file converted based online. upload any file and convert to you wish(Just relavent formats only jpg to gif or zip to rar). Most appreciatable feature is FREE service, many other websites are available but restrictions are need to get subscription. Here even we dont need to create an account, just upload it and submit the email. Check back you mail box thats it.

I have many more amazing websites in my mind, but now I dont have patience to discuss all at one time..Stay tune…will also discuss about more technology like RSS feed , web gizmos and latest gadgets…..Sure they are worth visiting……

Great ahead..