My Soul’s voice on Mumbai Attacks(11/26) or Mumbai 9/11

A 6 year old baby crying for her dad but no clue what happen, why it happend and whole family is in deep sarrow . A newly married woman, Sharmila leaned on dead body of beloved husband and cannot realize why he cannot come back to her life any more , more and more stories like this…does all this decided by the God…No the whole massacare is planned by another man in the same world. Why the innocent people are victimized to the heights of cruelity. The same thought is itching in my mind continueously, is it related only religion? or is it related to certain personality?

After looking into past history in indian massacre and outside the country, undoubtedly most of the terrifying incidents are by radical muslims…what it conveys, is it terrorism liked to religion? or is it linked to stone harted people?  why muslims involvement in all proterrorism activities..are they prone to cruel activities quicker than normal people? and many more questions but No answers for any of them..

By targeting innocent people is going resolve their problems?? If they say that they have problem can they resovle the things in better manner rather being violent and cruel. are they lack of thinking..who gave the right to them to kill the innocent only one god in the world and it is Muslims god. He want assinate all other religions, I dont think so. Even many muslim brothers and sister died in the violent activity….Why god is accepting all this kind of brutal activity..Does god really exists????


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