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BJP would get 320-345 seats in lokasabha elections 2014

April 17, 2014

My prediction would hypothetical but the wave seems like a revolutionary result expected and tremendous results are going to obtain. A new face of India is going to evolve after this elections.


Understanding the god

February 25, 2012

G- Generation (brahma)

O- Operation (Vishnu)

D- Destruction (Shiva)


During this phase of operation….still dont understand, why the happiness is not same across the creature.

Lessons of the life -part1

January 5, 2012

With my experience I have learn some of the lessons in my life…..finally I understood one of the  important lesson in my life.

  • Don’t expect the things to be done in your way when they are not in your hands. Take them as they come and you cannot change it even if you want in your way.
  • You could do the things in your way are the things are in your hand,be  if you are not lazy then it will in your way as you wish in your life.

News released about Laden before his death!!!

May 15, 2011

Osama bin Laden ‘living comfortably in Pakistan’

Osama bin Laden living in comfort in Pakistan, says Nato official

Osama bin laden before death interesting news!!

May 10, 2011
Check these news articles about the Bin ladens existence before his death and comments from pakistan, CIA director, Gordan brown and many more…. Very interesting facts

Testing Facebook notes

July 15, 2010

Testing Facebook notes

Microsoft ads in Google Adsence

December 4, 2009

Why google is better than Bing?

August 15, 2009

Why google is better than Bing? Same search string is given in both the site and following is the result..
Bing result..

Google result..

First thing, Bing’s suggestion tool is not working well and the second thing, Bing doesnt have any result for given search string. Bing still has to work on their search algorithms and indexing. However I like the Bing’s UI.

Ashok B

Maddie’s mother

December 8, 2008

My First blog in WordPress

March 16, 2008

This is my first blog!! excited to share my thoughts, I Dont want to irritate people by saying about my self(I like books) blah blah.. I just want share my thoughts about WEB 2.0. Since last year and half I am thinking about creating a blog on the same but today i kicked it off. This blogs focus would be on WEB 2.0 and upcomming technologies.

In my journey of internet surfing life, found couple of website more useful and quite good at providing services to consumers. I was following so many web site start ups but felt very good about few site.

Some of them….


Many of you already aware of this web site which has integration with google maps and a fantastic idea to implement. I am not good and poor at geography and was thinking about some thing which gives more details information about some city by simply search couple of land marks. Now can achieved through this site (even you can find all of your friends house just by getting couple of land marks).


Another consumer service oriented and file converted based online. upload any file and convert to you wish(Just relavent formats only jpg to gif or zip to rar). Most appreciatable feature is FREE service, many other websites are available but restrictions are need to get subscription. Here even we dont need to create an account, just upload it and submit the email. Check back you mail box thats it.

I have many more amazing websites in my mind, but now I dont have patience to discuss all at one time..Stay tune…will also discuss about more technology like RSS feed , web gizmos and latest gadgets…..Sure they are worth visiting……

Great ahead..