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Why google is better than Bing?

August 15, 2009

Why google is better than Bing? Same search string is given in both the site and following is the result..
Bing result..

Google result..

First thing, Bing’s suggestion tool is not working well and the second thing, Bing doesnt have any result for given search string. Bing still has to work on their search algorithms and indexing. However I like the Bing’s UI.

Ashok B


Tech Update: Widgets (gizmos of webworld)

April 7, 2008

Hello Readers,

This post is continuation of Tech update post…Lets see about JSON..

JSON acronyms as Javascript object notation, which is a kind of standard format used to represent a object(some what a kind of xml format) with a standard format, but not approved by W3C. Yet another revolutionary standard format for communicating objects.


Bascially Widgets are small and tiny applications that resides on desktop of the computer and caters useful information and communication. For example Web clock is widget(that contains world time, an alarm), another one is weather broadcast widget that shows current weather outside and predicts next 5 days weather(one of most downloaded widget ever in yahoo). I used to this widget a lot..In US weather is most unpredictable and uncertain, before going outside I visit this widget all times.

Now we are entering into the web gizmos world. They looks so bubbly and cute and usefull..I am using Yahoo widgets since last one year…they are awesome..Have a look at couple of these


Widgets are ranges from sort of applications like Stock update, Calendar, Todays moon size, weather update and many more..Now a days web trends are tending towards widgets world…Yahoo is desktop based which has to be installed… Will discuss more widgets soon…

I Wish you all a very happy and grand new year ahead(Today is Telugu new year UGADI).


Tech update: RSS, Json, widgets..

March 30, 2008

Today I would like to update you on couple of typical Web 2.0 terminologies..Let have a brief look into these.

RSSRSS feeds

I believe many of you are already aware of this RSS, which stands for Really simple syndication. Basically RSS is kind of XML format that used to read the latest or updated information from the sources. Information could be any source like news website, blog , any website which updates the information.

How it is useful for us?

Lets take a scenario, you likes a couple of news website on a topic like sports or music of particular artist. So every time we dont need to visit the website for a particular column and check for any new articles are music published. Just subscribe to the RSS feed(there are tools that allows RSS feed, dont worry I will update you in my next post) at one place and refresh it. If any new information published on the same then news will be on your RSS tool in one single click..

The same rule applies for blogs too..many blogs enables the RSS feed on thier site..just subscribe them(I havent done yet but sure will enable it).

Now a days almost all news websites are supporting RSS feeds on their news so keep subscribing…

Ex: Rediff’s RSS feed:

RSS reader RSS Reader..

There are so many RSS readers are available in the web world(I don’t say Market) Google Reader and other third party reader also available. Basically they are categorized as browser based and desktop based. Google reader is browser based and RSS Bandit is desktop based application used to read RSS, developed in .net framework.

These days technology is evolving, new bread of web gizmo’s are getting ready into the web world called as widgets…Will update on the same in next post…

Stay connected..Good day.