Why google is better than Bing?

Why google is better than Bing? Same search string is given in both the site and following is the result..
Bing result..

Google result..

First thing, Bing’s suggestion tool is not working well and the second thing, Bing doesnt have any result for given search string. Bing still has to work on their search algorithms and indexing. However I like the Bing’s UI.

Ashok B



One Response to “Why google is better than Bing?”

  1. Gemilla Says:

    I am in complete agreement! Google is way better than Bing!
    Microsoft will really have to work had to regain the position it had in the industry 5-6 years back!
    A similar article not only compares the 2 search engines but also various other products, http://distinctlyuniform.wordpress.com/2009/06/06/google-vs-microsoft/

    Hope you find it interesting

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