My First blog in WordPress

This is my first blog!! excited to share my thoughts, I Dont want to irritate people by saying about my self(I like books) blah blah.. I just want share my thoughts about WEB 2.0. Since last year and half I am thinking about creating a blog on the same but today i kicked it off. This blogs focus would be on WEB 2.0 and upcomming technologies.

In my journey of internet surfing life, found couple of website more useful and quite good at providing services to consumers. I was following so many web site start ups but felt very good about few site.

Some of them….


Many of you already aware of this web site which has integration with google maps and a fantastic idea to implement. I am not good and poor at geography and was thinking about some thing which gives more details information about some city by simply search couple of land marks. Now can achieved through this site (even you can find all of your friends house just by getting couple of land marks).


Another consumer service oriented and file converted based online. upload any file and convert to you wish(Just relavent formats only jpg to gif or zip to rar). Most appreciatable feature is FREE service, many other websites are available but restrictions are need to get subscription. Here even we dont need to create an account, just upload it and submit the email. Check back you mail box thats it.

I have many more amazing websites in my mind, but now I dont have patience to discuss all at one time..Stay tune…will also discuss about more technology like RSS feed , web gizmos and latest gadgets…..Sure they are worth visiting……

Great ahead..


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